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    Thread: Question for you Tuned GLI owners

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      Dec 31st, 2019
      09-19-2020 02:16 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by 35thGLINoob View Post
      If you're already bored with the IS20, go with the Vortex. I'd be surprised if you went with a full E85 tune from Sneekytuned you'd say that the IS20 is boring. You'll probably pick up another 40HP/TQ
      I feel like everything gets boring given enough time. My plans for this car were to stay at stage 1 and here I am only 12k miles into the car talking about ethanol

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      Jun 3rd, 2009
      '19 GLI
      09-19-2020 05:05 PM #27
      This is just too much fun.
      I honestly cannot stress enough how much smoother the car is with this tune vs bone stock.
      The power is awesome, even when I am not getting on it.

      As for future clutch I am leaning heavily towards Southbend stage 3 daily.
      Tires I am undecided at this point. I really liked the MPSS that were on one of my old mk4s, but I also had a set of continental DW on my old G8 GT that I felt were good too.
      Getting closer to winter season I'll keep my stock no seasons for now, if I don't pick up a winter beater I'll throw snow tires on these stock wheels and order a new set of wheels and tires this spring.
      16 Jetta Sport 1.8T 5spd
      19 GLI 35th 6spd

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