As i search a lot of threads on several forums i decide to talk a little bit about my issue regarding Error code P2279 Leak in Air Intake System i will try to be direct to the point. I check all my vaccum lines including valves like N75 also the turbo actuator and nothing. After few days i decide to do a smoke test (remove the hose after the air filter and connect a smoke machine made by me ,easy to do just some reserch on youtube )and then i get the result which was a hose under the car the intercooler hose which has a safety pin that was not in the right place anymore and spit it out the hose,this is coming from the turbo and blowing a pressure air.I will change that safety pin and the connection part which is a small pipe with some ears from plastic which are getting broken.If anybody need more info or pictures i can share that just let me know.