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    Thread: Transmission "slipping"?

    1. Junior Member
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      Apr 21st, 2017
      09-16-2020 08:18 PM #1
      2014 Jetta S, 2.0, 231k miles

      Over the last several months the transmission (auto) is different. Sometimes it seems like it should be shifting sooner (high rpms). Today the car was coasting, and when I applied the gas the car revved like it was in neutral, no productivity at all. It was like that for 4-5 seconds, then went into gear like normal.

      Obviously at 231k it's worn, but I was wondering what exactly is happening here mechanically?

      Thanks for the help

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      Dec 24th, 2019
      2016 Jetta 1.8 TSI Sport
      09-16-2020 08:29 PM #2
      Could be something as simple as low transmission fluid.
      Or something more complex as your, as you stated, torque converter being worn.
      I experienced this problem sort of In a different vehicle. I would first check your trans fluid and change it and also the filter. If that doesn’t solve it a trans rebuild could be in order. Transmissions are specialty pieces though, especially automatics. So someone with more knowledge chime in.

      But if I’m not mistaken regardless of cause it’s the pads in the torque converter not being able to grab. Due to wear or low fluid.

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