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    Thread: Alltrack S New Wheel Fitment Help

    1. 10-16-2020 02:03 PM #1
      I finally tracked down a set of OEM VW Rotary Wheels for my 2019 Alltrack S. These wheels are a 7.5x18 ET51 and based on previous advice I received here I am getting them wrapped with 225/45/R18.
      As a final check I ran this choice through willtheyfit.com and shows the new set has following differences:
      2.4 mm taller and 15.4 mm closer to the suspension strut then the 17” OEM’s the S trim comes with.
      My question is will these differences result in any issues?
      Will I need spacers to match factory wheels fitment?
      I apologize if this seems like an easy question but I have never swapped wheels/tires on a vehicle before and don’t want to cause any damage to my Alltrack.
      Thank you all for your help.

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      10-16-2020 02:26 PM #2
      225/45/18 is the stock size that comes on Alltracks with 18's so you're fine there.

      A 51 offset will sit slightly inward from the stock 18's, but not enough to cause any issues. Adding spacers would only be necessary if you wanted to change the aesthetics.

    4. 10-16-2020 02:33 PM #3
      Thank you very much for the help! I may want to get some spacers in the future to improve get the wheels to sit more flush, but for the moment I will be fine with the wheels sitting a little farther in, as long as it is not causing any damage.

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